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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Inventory of the African flora: a world first for the forgotten continent.Klopper (SANBI), R.R.; Gautier, L.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Spichiger, R.; Chatelain, C.
2006Objective 1. Understanding and documenting plant diversity. Target 2. A preliminary assessment of the conservation status of all known plant species, at national regional and international levels. Plants under threat: Red Data Lists to the rescue.Foden, W.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.
2006Haworthia.Breuer, I.; Steyn, E.M.A.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Klopper (SANBI), R.R.
2006Final Project Report. Looking back on the SABONET Project: a triumph of regional cooperation. Southern African Botanical Diversity Network Report No. 43. SABONET, Pretoria.Steenkamp, Y.; Siebert, S.J.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Huntley, B.J.; Willis, C.K.
2006Introduction.Steenkamp, Y.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.
2006Mesembryanthemaceae.Chesselet, P.; Burgoyne, P.M.; Kurzweil, H.; Dold, A.P.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.
2006Checklist of the flowering plants of sub-Saharan Africa. An index of accepted names and synonyms.Klopper (SANBI), R.R.; Chatelain, C.; Bänninger, V.; Habashi, C.; Steyn (SANBI), H.M.; De Wet (SANBI), B.C.; Arnold (SANBI), T.H.; Gautier, L.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Spichiger, R.
2006Objective 1. Understanding and documenting plant diversity. Target 1. A widely accessible working list of known plant species, as a step towards a complete world Flora. Catalogues of South African plant life: documenting diversity for the benefit of all.Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Smith, T.J.
2006Priority-driven Barcoding of Life for southern Africa and beyond.Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Schindel, D.; Smith, R.; Miller, S.
2006Chortolirion.Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Klopper (SANBI), R.R.