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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A new species of dwarf chameleon (Sauria; Chamaeleonidae, Bradypodion Fitzinger) from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa with notes on recent climatic shifts and their in?uence on speciation in the genusTilbury, C R; Tolley, K A
2009The potential for predicted climate shifts to impact genetic landscapes of lizards in the South African Cape Floristic RegionTolley, K A; Makokha, J S; Swart, B; Houniet, D T; Matthee, C A
2009Botanic garden science for conservation and global change.Donaldson, J S
2009Mild experimental climate warming induces metabolic impairment and massive mortalities in southern African quartz field succulents.Musil, C F; Van Heerden, P D R; Cilliers, C D; Schmeidel, U
2009Climate change drives speciation in the southern rock agama (Agama atra) in the Cape Floristic Region, South AfricaSwart, B L; Tolley, K A; Matthee, C A
2009Coping with drought—do science and policy agree.Seymour, C L; Desmet, P G
2009Effects of climate warming on the distributions of invasive Eurasian annual grasses—a southern African perspective.Parker-Allie, F; Musil, C F; Thuiller, W
2009Potential effects of predicted climate change on the endemic South African dwarf chameleon, Bradypodion.Houniet, D T; Thuiller, W; Tolley, K A
2009The impact of shrub encroachment on savanna bird diversity from local to regional scale.Sirami, C; Seymour, C L; Midgley, G; Barnard, P
2009Seabirds and climate change in southern Africa: some considerations.Crawford, R. J. M.; Altwegg, R.