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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Why colour in subterranean vertebrates? Exploring the evolution of colour patterns in caecilian amphibians.Wollenberg, K C; Measey, G J
2009When to stay, when to go: trade-offs for southern African arid-zone birds in times of drought.Dean, W R J; Barnard, P; Anderson, M D
2009Experimental biogeography: the role of environmental gradients in high geographic diversity in Cape Proteaceae.Latimer, A M; Silander, J A; Rebelo, A G
2009New species of Geissorhiza (Iridaceae: Crocoideae) from the southern African winter rainfall zone, range extensions, taxonomic changes, and notes on pollen morphology and ?oral ecology.Goldblatt, P; Manning (SANBI), J C; Nänni, I
2009Mild experimental climate warming induces metabolic impairment and massive mortalities in southern African quartz field succulents.Musil, C F; Van Heerden, P D R; Cilliers, C D; Schmeidel, U
2009Adaptive radiation of the putrid perianth: Ferraria (Iridaceae) and its unusual pollinators.Goldblatt, P; Bernhardt, P; Manning, J C
2009Protégé Ziziphus mucronata (Rhamnaceae) show no negative effects of competition with the nurse tree Acacia (Leguminaceae), even as adults.Seymour (SANBI), C L
2009Mechanisms of photosynthetic and growth inhibition of a southern African geophyte by an invasive European annual grass. Environmental and Experimental Botany 66: 38–45.Musil, C F; Arnolds, J L; Van Heerden, P D R; Kgope, B
2009Soil infiltrability as a driver of plant cover and species richness in the semi-arid Karoo, South Africa.Mills, A; Fey, M; Donaldson, J S; Todd, S; Theron, L
2009Effects of invasion of ?re-free arid shrub-lands by a ?re-promoting invasive alien grass (Pennisetum setaceum) in South Africa.Rahlao, S J; Milton, S J; Esler, K J; Van Wilgen, B; Barnard, P