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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Climate Change fragments populations of a top cetacean predator.Fontaine, M C; Tolley, K A; Birkun, A J; Ferreira, M; Thierry, J; Llavona, A; Ozturk, B; Ridoux, V; Rogan, E; Sequeira, M; Bouquegneau, J M; Michaux, J R; Baird, S J E
2010Soil moisture limits foraging: a possible mechanism for the range dynamics of the hadeda ibis in southern Africa.Duckworth, G; Altwegg, R; Guo, D
2010Beyond bioclimatic envelopes: dynamic species’ range and abundance modelling in the context of climatic change.Huntley, B; Barnard, P; Altwegg, R; Chambers, L; Bernard, W T; Coetzee, L G; Hockey, P A R; Hole, D G; Midgley, G; Underhill, L G; Willis, S G
2010A review of phytoplankton dynamics in tropical African lakes.Ndebele-Murisa, M R; Musil, C F; Raitt, L
2010BioMove: an integrated platform simulating the dynamic response of species to environmental change.Midgley, G F; Davies, I D; Albert, C H; Altwegg, R; Hannah, L; Hughes, G O; O’Halloran, L R; Scangwan, C; Thorne, J H; Thuiller, W
2010Increasing impacts of climate change upon ecosystems with increasing global mean temperature rise.Warren, R; Price, J; Fischlin, A; Santos, S D L N·; Midgley, G
2010Isolation and high genetic diversity in dwarf mountain toads (Capenisbufo) from South Africa.Tolley, K A; De Villiers, A; Cherry, M I; Measey, G J
2010Can lizards beat the heat, or will they go extinct?Tolley, K A
2010Biodiversity in southern Africa, vol. 3: implications for land use and managemenJeltsch, F.; Blaum, N.; Classen, N.; Eschenbach, A.; Grohmann, C.; Gröngröft, A.; Joubert, D. F.; Horn, A.; Lohmann, D.; Linsenmair, K. E.; Lück-Vogel, M.; Medinski, T. V.; Meyfarth, S.; Mills, A.; Petersen, A.; Popp, A.; Poschlod, P.; Reisch, C.; Rossmanith, E.; Rubilar, H.