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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03-31Managing conflict-generating invasive species in South Africa: Challenges and trade-offsZengeya (SANBI), Tsungai A.; Ivey (SANBI), Philip; Woodford, Darragh J.; Weyl, Olaf L. F.; Novoa (SANBI), Ana; Shackleton, Ross T.; Richardson, David M.; van Wilgen, Brian W.
2017-03-31Evaluating invasion risk for freshwater fishes in South AfricaMarr, Sean M.; Ellender, Bruce L.; Woodford, Darragh J.; Alexander, Mhairi E.; Wasserman, Ryan J.; Ivey (SANBI), Philip; Zengeya (SANBI), Tsungai.; Weyl, Olaf L. F.
2017-04-02Density dependence and environmental factors affect population stability of an agricultural pest and its specialist parasitoidMorgan, William M.; Th├ębault, Elisa; Seymour (SANBI), Colleen L.; van Veen, F. J. Frank
2017-05A major subtropical fruit pest accumulates in crop fields and spills over to a wild hostMoxley (SANBI), Courtney; Lammers, Wiebke; van Veen, F.J. Frank; Th├ębault, Elisa; Esler, Karen J.; Seymour (SANBI), Colleen L.
2017Mzansi's mountain hemlocks: The identities of Hilliard and Burtt's Conium species 3 and 4 (Apiaceae) and a revised key for the genus in sub-Saharan AfricaMagee (SANBI), A.R.; Clark, V.R.
2017-12-12The conservation costs and economic benefits of using biodiversity offsets to meet international targets for protected area expansionBuschke, Falko T.; Brownlie, Susie; Manuel (SANBI), Jeffrey J.
2017-10Acute poisoning in children from Jatropha curcas seedsMoshobane (SANBI), M.C.; Wium, C; Mokgola, L.V.
2017-11-16Reassessing the invasion of South African waters by the European shore-crab Carcinus maenasMabin, CA; Wilson (SANBI), JRU; Le Roux, JJ; Robinson, TB
2017-10Level of environmental threat posed by horticultural trade in CactaceaeNovoa (SANBI), Ana; Le Roux, Johannes J.; Richardson, David M.; Wilson (SANBI), John R.U.
2017-10-24Non-native species in urban environments: patterns, processes, impacts and challengesGaertner, Mirijam; Wilson (SANBI), John R. U.; Cadotte, Marc W.; MacIvor, J. Scott; Zenni, Rafael D.; Richardson, David M.