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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01The Apocynaceae of NamibiaBruyns, P.V.
2014A simple, rapid methodology for developing invasive species watch listsFaulkner (SANBI), Katelyn T.; Robertson, Mark P.; Rouget, Mathieu; Wilson (SANBI), John R. U.
2014-03-28Grazing and Burning Guidelines: Managing Grasslands for Biodiversity and Livestock ProductionSANBI
2014Trees of the year 2014-
2014A standardized set of metrics to assess and monitor tree invasionsWilson (SANBI), John R.U.; Caplat, Paul; Dickie, Ian A.; Hui, Cang; Maxwell, Bruce D.; Nunez, Martin A.; Pauchard, Anibal; Rejmanek, Marcel; Richardson, David M.; Robertson, Mark P.; Spear (SANBI), Dian; Webber, Bruce L.; van Wilgen, Brian W.; Zenni, Rafael D.
2014-03Forestry trial data can be used to evaluate climate-based species distribution models in predicting tree invasionsMotloung (SANBI), Rethabile Frangenie; Robertson, Mark Peter; Rouget, Mathieu; Wilson (SANBI), John Ross U.
2014INFORMATION SHEET: Eucalyptus trees as honey bee forageSANBI
2014INFORMATION SHEET: Crop plants as honey bee forageSANBI
2014Site-specific conditions influence plant naturalization: The case of alien Proteaceae in South AfricaMoodley (SANBI), Desika; Geerts (SANBI), Sjirk; Rebelo (SANBI), Tony; Richardson, David M.; Wilson (SANBI), John R.U
2014Incorporating risk mapping at multiple spatial scales into eradication management plansKaplan (SANBI), Haylee; van Niekerk, Adriaan; Le Roux, Johannes J.; Richardson, David M.; Wilson (SANBI), John R.U.