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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Mzansi's mountain hemlocks: The identities of Hilliard and Burtt's Conium species 3 and 4 (Apiaceae) and a revised key for the genus in sub-Saharan AfricaMagee (SANBI), A.R.; Clark, V.R.
2017-08-24A taxonomic revision of the Pteronia camphorata group (Astereae, Asteraceae)Bello (SANBI), Anifat O.; Boatwright, James S.; Tilney, P.M.; van der Bank, M.; Magee (SANBI), Anthony R.
2017-08-04A review of Dilatris P.J.Bergius (Haemodoraceae: Haemodoroideae)Manning (SANBI), John C.; Goldblatt, P.
2017-03-04Invasive potential and management of Melaleuca hypericifolia (Myrtaceae) in South AfricaHickley, K.I.; Kaplan (SANBI), Haylee; Van Wyk (SANBI), Ernita; Renteria (SANBI), Jorge Luis; Boatwright, James Stephen
2017-03Assessing and managing the threat posed by Epipremnum aureum in South AfricaMoodley (SANBI), Desika; Proches, Serban; Wilson (SANBI), John R.U.
2017A review of the history and taxonomy of the enigmatic southern African endemic wild lettuce Lactuca dregeana DC. (Asteraceae: Lactuceae: Lactucinae)van Herwijnen, Z.O.; Manning (SANBI), J.C.
2017A review of the Geissorhiza namaquensis (Iridaceae: Crocoideae) group with the new species G. namaquamontana from Northern Cape, South AfricaGoldblatt, P.; Manning(SANBI), J.C.
2017-05Chlorophytum asperum (Agavaceae), a new species from Northern Cape, South AfricaManning (SANBI), J.C.
2017-05Marasmodes (Asteraceae, Anthemideae), the most threatened plant genus of the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa: Conservation and taxonomy.Magee (SANBI), A.R.; Ebrahim (SANBI), I.; Koopman, R.; Von Staden (SANBI), L.
2017-01Locating sufficient plant distribution data for accurate estimation of geographic range: The relative value of herbaria and other sourcesWilliams, V.L.; Crouch (SANBI), N.R.