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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003The price of collecting life.Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Steenkamp (SANBI), Y.; Klopper (SANBI), R.R.; Siebert, S.J.; Arnold (SANBI), T.H.
2004Review: Flora of North America north of Mexico, vol. 23: Magnoliophyta: Commelinidae (in part): Cyperaceae, edited by the Flora of North America Editorial Committee.Archer, C
2004Smoke seed germination studies and a guide to seed propagation of plants from the major families of the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa.Brown, N A C; Botha, P A
2004Nature conservation requires more than a passion for species.Cowling, R M; Knight, A T; Faith, D P; Ferrier, S; Lombard, A T; Driver, A; Rouget, M; Maze, K; Desmet, P G
2004The burning mountain.Van Jaarsveld, E J; Voigt, W
2004Assessing African medicinal plants for efficacy and safety: pharmacological screening and toxicology.Fennell, C.W.; Lindsey, K.L.; Mcgaw, L.J.; Sparg, S.G.; Stafford, G.I.; Elgorashi, E.E.; Grace, O.M.; Van Staden, J.
2004The last two spiderheads. The re-discovery of Serruria furcellata.Ebrahim, I; Koopman, R
2004Would climate change drive species out of reserves? An assessment of existing reserve-selection methods.Araujo, M B; Cabeza, M; Thuiller, W; Hannah, L; Williams, P H
2004New typifications. In S. Cafferty & C.E. Jarvis, Typification of Linnaean plant names in Cyperaceae.Archer, C
2009Analyses of cp DNA matk sequence data place Tillaea (Crassulaceae) within Crassula.Mort, M.; Randle, C.P.; Burgoyne, P.M.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Van Jaarsveld, E.J.; Hopper, S.D.