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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016History and drivers of plant taxonomy in South AfricaVictor (SANBI), J.E.; Smith, G.F.; Van Wyk, A.E.
2010Cyphostemma mendesii (Vitaceae), a new species from Angola.De Sousa, F.; Figueiredo, E.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.
2012National herbarium plant collecting programme reveals new country records and provincial distribution records from Southern African National Parks (Apocynaceae, Asteraceae & Xanthorrhoeaceae: Asphodeloideae).Bester (SANBI), S.P.; Herman (SANBI), P.J.J.; Klopper (SANBI), R.R.
2012A revision of the fern genus Dryopteris (Dryopteridaceae) in sub-Saharan Africa.Roux, J P
2016Taxonomic notes on the shrublet species of Acanthopsis, with two new species from South Africa.Steyn (SANBI), H.M.; Van Wyk, A.E.
2013Nemesia arenifera, a new species from the Sandveld, Northern Cape Province.Bester (SANBI), S.P.; Steyn (SANBI), H.M.
2015Taxonomic notes on the Acanthopsis disperma-hoffmannseggiana complex, with an interim key to the members of the genus.Steyn (SANBI), H.M.; Van Wyk, A.E.
2017-03-07Clarification of the concept of Aframmi (Heteromorpheae, Apiaceae) and a new monotypic genus, NormanthaWinter (SANBI), Pieter J.D.; Tilney, Patricia M.; Van Wyk, Ben-Erik
2017-02Two new species in the Ficinia indica complex (Cyperaceae, tribe Cypereae) from South AfricaTshiila (SANBI), Aluwani A.; Chimphango, Samson B.M.; Viljoen, Jan-Adriaan; Muasya, Muthama A
2016A synoptic review and new infrageneric classification for the genus Haworthiopsis (Xanthorrhoeaceae: Asphodeloideae)Gildenhuys, S.D.; Klopper (SANBI), R.R.