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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Why colour in subterranean vertebrates? Exploring the evolution of colour patterns in caecilian amphibians.Wollenberg, K C; Measey, G J
2004Association of cone thermogenesis and volatiles with pollinator specificity in Macrozamia cycads.Terry, I L; Moore, C; Walter, G H; Forster, P I; Roemer, R B; Donaldson, J S; Machin, P
2005Specific leaf area and dry matter content estimate thickness in laminar leaves.Vile, D; Garnier, E; Shipley, B; Laurent, G; Navas, M-L; Roumet, C; Lavorel, S; Díaz, S; Hodgson, J G; Lloret, F; Midgley, G F; Poorter, H; Rutherford, M C; Wilson, P J; Wright, I J
2008Seasonal and inter-annual photosynthetic response of representative C-4 species to soil water content and leaf nitrogen concentration across a tropical seasonal floodplain.Mantlana, K B; Arneth, A; Veenendaal, E M; Wohland, P; Wolski, P; Kolle, O; Lloyd, J
2004Impact of increased ultraviolet-B radiation due to stratospheric ozone depletion on N2 fixation in traditional African commercial legumes.Chimphango, S B M; Musil, C E; Dakora, Ed
2004Effects of atmospheric CO2 concentration and defoliation on the growth of Themeda triandra.Wand, S J E; Midgley, G F
2012Diurnal stem diameter variations show CAM and C3 photosynthetic modes and CAM-C3 switches in arid South African succulent shrubs.Matimati, I; Musil, C F; February, E C; Raitt, L
2008Growth form and seasonal variation in leaf gas exchange of Colophospermum mopane savanna trees in northwest Botswana.Veenendaal, E M; Mantlana, K B; Pammenter, N W; Weber, P; Huntsman-Mapila, P; Lloyd, J
2012Diverse functional responses to drought in a Mediterranean-type shrubland in South Africa.West, A G; Dawson, T E; February, E C; Midgley, G F; Bond, W J; Aston, T L
2008Phylogenetically independent associations between autonomous self-fertilization and plant invasiveness.Van Kleunen, M; Manning, J C; Pasqualetto, V; Johnson, S D