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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Turnover in flightless invertebrate species composition over different spatial scales in Afrotemperate forest in the Drakensberg, South Africa.Uys, C; Hamer, M; Slotow, R
2005Ecosystems and human wellbeing: current state and trends: findings of the Condition and Trends Working Group, vol. 1: 271–295. Millenium Ecosystem AssessmentBeattie, A. J.; Barthlott, W.; Elizabetsky, E.; Farrel, R Kheng, C. T.; Prance, I.; Rosenthal, J.; Simpson, D.; Leakey, R; Wolfson, M.; Ten Kate, K.
2010Butterflies of South Africa's National Botanical GardensWillis, C.K; Woodhall, S.E
2016Trees of the year 2016-
2010Beyond bioclimatic envelopes: dynamic species’ range and abundance modelling in the context of climatic change.Huntley, B; Barnard, P; Altwegg, R; Chambers, L; Bernard, W T; Coetzee, L G; Hockey, P A R; Hole, D G; Midgley, G; Underhill, L G; Willis, S G
2010Severely degraded dunes of the southern Kalahari: local extinction, persistence, and natural re-establishment of plants.Rutherford, M C; Powrie, L W
2010International year of biodiversity: missed targets and the need for better monitoring, real action and global policy.Gordon, I J; Pettorelli, N; Katzner, T; Gompper, M E; Mock, K; Redparth, S; Altwegg, R
2010Severely degraded rangeland: implications for plant diversity from a case study in Succulent Karoo, South AfricaRutherford, M C; Powrie, L W
2010Parasitoid fig-wasp evolutionary diversification and variation in ecological opportunity.Mcleish, M J; Van Noort, S; Tolley, K A
2010Measures, perceptions and scaling patterns of aggregated species distributions.Hui, C; Veldtman, R; Mcgeoch, M A