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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Systematics of African and Malagasy Pimpinella and related genera (Apiaceae, Pimpinelleae).Magee, A R; Van Wyk, B-E; Tilney, P M; Downie, S R
2010Genome sizes of Eucomis L’Hér. (Hyacinthaceae) and a description of the new species Eucomis grimshawii G.D.Duncan & Zonneveld.Zonneveld, B J M; Duncan, G D
2004Review: Flora of North America north of Mexico, vol. 23: Magnoliophyta: Commelinidae (in part): Cyperaceae, edited by the Flora of North America Editorial Committee.Archer, C
2004Association of cone thermogenesis and volatiles with pollinator specificity in Macrozamia cycads.Terry, I L; Moore, C; Walter, G H; Forster, P I; Roemer, R B; Donaldson, J S; Machin, P
2005Taxonomic implications of genome size for all species of the genus Gasteria Duval (Aloaceae).Zonneveld, B J M; Van Jaarsveld, E J
2012Floral functional structure, sexual phases, flower visitors and aspects of breeding system in Roella ciliata (Campanulaceae) in a fragmented habitat.Cupido, C N; Nelson, L J
2004Pollination by fungus gnats (Diptera: Mycetophilidae) and self-recognition sites in Tolmiea menziesii (Saxifragaceae).Goldblatt, P; Bernhardt, P; Vogan, P; Manning, J C
2009Adaptive radiation of the putrid perianth: Ferraria (Iridaceae) and its unusual pollinators.Goldblatt, P; Bernhardt, P; Manning, J C
2009Billburttia, a new genus of Apiaceae (tribe Apieae) endemic to Madagascar.Magee, A R; Van Wyk, B E; Tilney, P M; Sales, F; Hedge, I; Downie, S R
2009Analyses of cp DNA matk sequence data place Tillaea (Crassulaceae) within Crassula.Mort, M.; Randle, C.P.; Burgoyne, P.M.; Smith (SANBI), G.F.; Van Jaarsveld, E.J.; Hopper, S.D.