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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10-17Vegetation Map of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland 2018: A description of changes since 2006Dayaram, Anisha; Harris, Linda, R; Grobler, Barend, A; Van der Merwe, Stephni; Rebelo, Anthony, G; Powrie, Leslie, W; Vlok, Johannes, H,J; Desmet, Philip, G; Qabaqaba, Mcebisi; Hlahane, Keneilwe, M; Skowno, Andrew, L
2019-08-16Population structure and survival of the critically endangered cycad Encephalartos latifrons in South AfricaSwart, C; Rowswell, R; Donaldson (SANBI), J; Barker, N
2019-07-23Asphodelus fistulous L., a newly discovered plant invader in South Africa: Assessing the risk of invasion and potential for eradicationJubase (SANBI), N; Renteria, J L; Maphisa (SANBI), D; van Wyk, E
2019-04-12Cointroductions of Australian acacias and their rhizobial mutualists in the Southern HemisphereWarrington, S; Ellis, A; Novoa, A; Hulme, P E; Duncan, Richard P; Valentine, A; Wandrag, E M
2019-08-21Development of alien and invasive taxa lists for regulation of biological invasions in South AfricaMoshobane (SANBI), M C; Mukundamago, M; Adu-Acheampong, S; Shackleton, R
2019-07-29Impacts of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems on conservation policy and practiceBland, LM; Nicholson, E; Miller, RM; Andrade, A; Carre, A; Etter, A; Ferrer-Paris, JR; Herrera, B; Kontula, T; Lindgaard, A; Pliscoff, P; Skowno (SANBI), AL; Valderrabano, M; Zager, I; Keith, DA
2019-08Achyranthemum N.G.Bergh, a new genus segregated from Syncarpha DC. (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae)Bergh (SANBI), Nicola; Manning (SANBI), John Charles
2019-07Systematics of the sub-Saharan African squills: the genera Merwilla, Pseudoprospero, Schizocarphus and Spetaea (Hyacinthaceae: Scilloideae)Manning (SANBI), John Charles
2019-07Seed structure and physiology in relation to recruitment ecology in Leucospermum (Proteaceae) in fynbosBrits, G.J.; Manning (SANBI), John Charles
2019-08The correct identity of Lasiosiphon microphyllus (Meisn.) Meisn. (Thymelaeaceae) and the new combination L. kuntzei (Gilg.) R.Kolokoto & MageeKolokoto (SANBI), Refilwe; Boatwright, James Stephen; Manning (SANBI), John Charles; Von Staden (SANBI), Lize; Magee (SANBI), Anthony Richard
2019-08Chamaecrista falcata (Caesalpinioideae, Cassieae, Cassiinae), a new species from South AfricaMusandiwa (SANBI), Liada; Magee (SANBI), Anthony Richard; Boatwright, James Stephen
2019-05Climate Change and Biodiversity Threats on Pachypodium Species in South AfricaGuo, Danni; Powrie, Leslie W.; Boyd, Danielle W.
2019-09-10A taxonomic revision of the southern African species of Pelargonium section Peristera (Geraniaceae)Le Roux (SANBI), M. Marianne
2019-09-09Aloidendron (Asphodelaceae subfam. Alooideae) consists of six species, not seven: Aloe sabaea is a true aloeSmith, G.F.; Klopper (SANBI), R.R.; Grace, O.M.
2019-07-01Aloidendron barberaeWalker, C.C.; Smith, G.F.; Figueiredo, E.; Klopper (SANBI), R.R.; Crouch (SANBI), N.R.; Condy, G.
2019-07-01Cycnium racemosum (Orobanchaceae)Baijnath, Himansu; Singh, Karishma; Singh (SANBI), Yashica; Condy, Gill
2019-07-01Chironia baccifera (Gentianaceae)Singh (SANBI), Yashica; Baijnath, Himansu; Condy, Gill
2019-07-01Triumfetta welwitschii (Malvaceae: Grewioideae)Singh (SANBI), Yashica; Sharma, Sushant; Ramdhani, Syd; Condy, Gill
2019-07-01Notes on the phytogeography and conservation status of the genus Acanthopsis (Acantheae, Acanthaceae)Steyn (SANBI), H.M.; Von Staden, L.; Bellstedt, D.U.; Van der Merwe, P.D.W; Van Wyk, A.E.
2019-07-01Advancing land-sea integration for ecologically meaningful coastal conservation and managementHarris, LR; Bessinger (SANBI), M; Dayaram (SANBI), A; Holness, S; Kirkman, S; Livingstone, T; Lombard, A; Lück-Vogel, M; Pfaff, M; Sink (SANBI), KJ; Skowno (SANBI), AL; van Niekerk, L
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1721