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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10Modeling the Distribution of the Invasive Alien Cycad Aulacaspis Scale in Africa Under Current and Future Climate ScenariosSatishchandra (SANBI), NK; Geerts, S
2020-10Is invasion science moving towards agreed standards? The influence of selected frameworksWilson (SANBI), JRU; Datta (SANBI), S; Hirsch, H; Keet, J-H; Mbobo (SANBI), T; Nkuna (SANBI), KV; Nsikani (SANBI), MM; Pyšek, P; Richardson, DM; Zengeya (SANBI), TA; Kumschick (SANBI), S
2020-10Frameworks used in Invasion Science: progress and prospectsWilson (SANBI), JRU; Bacher, S; Daehler, CC; Groom, QJ; Kumschick (SANBI), S; Lockwood, JL; Robinson, TB; Zengeya (SANBI), TA; Richardson, DM
2020-10Improving the Environmental Impact Classification for Alien Taxa (EICAT): a summary of revisions to the framework and guidelinesVolery, L; Blackburn, TM; Bertolino, S; Evans, T; Genovesi, P; Kumschick (SANBI), S; Roy, HE; Smith, KG; Bacher, S
2020-10The importance of assessing positive and beneficial impacts of alien speciesVimercati, G; Kumschick (SANBI), S; Probert, AF; Volery, L; Bacher, S
2020-10Comparing the IUCN’s EICAT and Red List to improve assessments of the impact of biological invasionsVan der Colff (SANBI), D; Kumschick (SANBI), S; Foden, W; Wilson (SANBI), JRU
2020-10MAcroecological Framework for Invasive Aliens (MAFIA): disentangling large-scale context dependence in biological invasionsPyšek, P; Bacher, S; Kühn, I; Novoa, A; Catford, JA; Hulme, PE; Pergl, J; Richardson, DM; Wilson (SANBI), JRU; Blackburn, TM
2020-10Understanding uncertainty in the Impact Classification for Alien Taxa (ICAT) assessmentsProbert, AF; Volery, L; Kumschick (SANBI), S; Vimercati, G; Bacher, S
2020-10A framework to support alien species regulation: the Risk Analysis for Alien Taxa (RAAT)Kumschick (SANBI), S; Wilson (SANBI), JRU; Foxcroft, LC
2020-10Appropriate uses of EICAT protocol, data and classificationsKumschick (SANBI), S; Bacher, S; Bertolino, S; Blackburn, TM; Evans, T; Roy, HE; Smith, K
2020-10Classifying the introduction pathways of alien species: are we moving in the right direction?Faulkner (SANBI), KT; Hulme, PE; Pagad, S; Wilson (SANBI), JRU; Robertson, MP
2020-10The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)’s Post-2020 target on invasive alien species – what should it include and how should it be monitored?Essl, F; Latombe, G; Lenzner, B; Pagad, S; Seebens, H; Smith, K; Wilson (SANBI), JRU; Genovesi, P
2020-10Identifying safe cultivars of invasive plants: six questions for risk assessment, management, and communicationDatta (SANBI), A; Kumschick (SANBI), S; Geerts, S; Wilson (SANBI), JRU
2020-10-08Global guidelines for the sustainable use of non-native trees to prevent tree invasions and mitigate their negative impactsBrundu, G; Pauchard, A; Pyšek, P; Pergl, J; Bindewald, AM; Brunori, A; Canavan, S; Campagnaro, T; Celesti-Grapow, L; de Sá Dechoum, M; Dufour-Dror, J-M; Essl, F; Flory, SL; Genovesi, P; Guarino, F; Guangzhe, L; Hulme, PE; Jäger, H; Kettle, CJ; Krumm, F; Langdon, B; Lapin, K; Lozano, V; Le Roux, JJ; Novoa, A; Nuñez, MA; Porté, AJ; Silva, JS; Schaffner, U; Sitzia, T; Tanner, R; Tshidada, N; Vítková, M; Westergren, M; Wilson (SANBI), JRU; Richardson, DM
2020-08-19Coordinating invasive alien species management in a biodiversity hotspot: The CAPE Invasive Alien Animals Working GroupDavies, S. J.; Bell, J. A.; Impson, D.; Mabin, C.; Meyer, M.; Rhoda, C.; Stafford, L.; Stephens (SANBI), K.; Tafeni, M.; Turner, A.A.; van Wilgen, N.J.; WIlson (SANBI), J.R.U.
2020-07-14Validation of Massonia sect. Whiteheadia (Hyacinthaceae: Scilloideae).Manning (SANBI), J.C.
2020-07-14Senecio cymbalarifolius (L.) Less. is the correct name for S. sonchifolius (L.) J.C.Manning & Magoswana, nom. illeg. , and clarification of the name S. sonchifolius (L.) Moench (Asteraceae: Senecioneae).Manning (SANBI), J.C.; Krieger, J; Magoswana (SANBI), S.L.
2020-07-16The correct author citation for Jacquin’s names in Drimia (Hyacinthaceae: Urgineoideae) and Eriospermum (Ruscaceae)Manning (SANBI), J.C.
2020-07-06Systematics of Ledebouria sect. Resnova (Hyacinthaceae: Scilloideae: Massonieae), with a new subtribal classification of MassonieaeManning (SANBI), J.C.
2020-09-30Post‑pollination barriers enable coexistence of pollinator‑sharing ornithophilous Erica speciesCoetzee, Anina; Spottiswoode, Claire N.; Seymour (SANBI), Colleen L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1844