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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1776
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05-04The ocean genome and future prospects for conservation and equityBlasiak, Robert; Wynberg, Rachel; Grorud-Colvert, Kirsten; Thambisetty, Siva; Bandarra, Narcisa M.; Canario, Adelino V. M.; da Silva, Jessica; Duarte, Carlos; Jaspars, Marcel; Rogers, Alex; Sink, Kerry; Wabnitz, Colette
2020-03-25A conceptual map of invasion biology: Integrating hypotheses into a consensus network.Enders, M.; Havemann, F.; Ruland, F.; Bernard-Verdier, M.; Catford, J.A.; Gómez-Aparicio, L.; Haider, S.; Heger, T.; Kueffer, C.; Kühn, I.; Meyerson, L.A.; Musseau, C.; Novoa (SANBI), A.; Ricciardi, A.; Sagouis, A.; Schittko, C.; Strayer, D.L; Vilà, M.; Essl, F.; Hulme, P.E.; van Kleunen, M.; Kumschick (SANBI), S.; Lockwood, J.L.; Mabey, A.L.; McGeoch, M.A.; Palma, E.; Pyšek, P.; Saul, W.C.; Yannelli, F.A.; Jeschke, J.M.
2020-04-24The threats posed by the pet trade in alien terrestrial invertebrates in South Africa.Nelufule (SANBI), T.; Robertson, M.P.; Wilson (SANBI), J.R.U.; Faulkner (SANBI), K.T.; Sole, C.; Kumschick (SANBI), S.
2020-03-22Invasion syndromes: a systematic approach for predicting biological invasions and facilitating effective management.Novoa (SANBI), A.; Richardson, D.M.; Pyšek, P.; Meyerson, L. A.; Bacher, S.; Canavan (SANBI), S.; Catford, J. A.; Čuda, J.; Essl, F.; Foxcroft, L.C.; Genovesi, P.; Hirsch, H.; Hui, C.; Jackson, M.C.; Kueffer, C.; Le Roux, J.J.; Measey, J.; Mohanty, N.P.; Moodley (SANBI), D.; Müller-Schärer, H.; Packer, J.G.; Pergl, J.; Robinson, T.B.; Saul, W.C.; Shackleton, R.T.; Visser, V.; Weyl, O.L.F.; Yannelli, F.A.; Wilson (SANBI), J.R.U.
2020-05-13The ocean genome and future prospects for conservation and equityBlasiak , R; Wynberg, R; Grorud-Colvert, K; Thambisetty, S; Bandarra, NM; Canário, AVM; da Silva (SANBI), J; Duarte, CM; Jaspars, M; Rogers, A; Sink (SANBI), K; Wabnitz, CCC
2005-06Systematic conservation planning in the cape floristic region and succulent Karoo, South Africa: enabling sound spatial planning and improved environmental assessmentBrownlie, Susie; de Villiers, Charl; Driver (SANBI), Amanda; Job, Nancy; Von Hase, Amrei; Maze (SANBI), Kristal
2011From Scorecard to Social Learning: A Reflective Co-assessment Approach for Promoting Multiagency Cooperation in Natural Resource ManagementRoux, Dirk; Murray, Kevin; Nel, Jeanne; Hill, Liesl; Roux, Hermien; Driver (SANBI), Amanda
2011-03-24Absorptive Capacity as a Guiding Concept for Effective Public Sector Management and Conservation of Freshwater EcosystemsMurray, Kevin; Roux, Dirk; Nel, Jeanne; Driver (SANBI), Amanda; Freimund, Wayne
2012-10-31Providing Economic Incentives for Biodiversity Conservation in an Emerging Bioregional ContextMuchapondwa, Edwin; Biggs, Harry; Driver (SANBI), Amanda; Matose, Frank; Mungatana, Eric; Scheepers, Kelly
2006-06-03Designing Systematic Conservation Assessments that Promote Effective Implementation: Best Practice from South AfricaKnight, Andrew; Driver (SANBI), Amanda; Cowling, Richard; Maze (SANBI), Kristal; Desmet, Philip; Lombard, Amanda; Rougert, Mathieu; Botha, Mark; Boshoff, Andre; Castley, Guy; Goodman, Peter; Mackinnon, Kathy; Pierce, Shirley; Sims-Castley, Rebecca; Stewart, Warrick; Von Hase, Amrei
2015-05-28Knowledge co-production and boundary work to promote implementation of conservation plansNel, Jeanne; Roux, Dirk; Driver (SANBI), Amanda; Hill, Liesl; Maherry, Ashton; Snaddon, Kate; Petersen, Chantel; Smith-Adao, Lindie; Van Deventer, Heidi; Reyers, Belinda
2007-05-30Developing products for conservation decision-making: lessons from a spatial biodiversity assessment for South AfricaReyers, Belinda; Rouget, Mathieu; Jonas, Zuziwe; Cowling, Richard; Driver (SANBI), Amanda; Maze (SANBI), Kristal; Desmet, Philip
2020-04-02Two novel species of Sisyranthus (Apocynaceae—Ceropegieae) from South AfricaShabangu, Bester (SANBI), S.P. K.; Van der Bank, M.
2020-03-21Othonna cerarioides (Asteraceae: Othonnineae), a new species from Namaqualand, South AfricaMagoswana (SANBI), Simon Luvo; Boatwright, J.S.; Magee (SANBI), Anthony Richard; Manning (SANBI), John Charles
2020-01-30A taxonomic revision of Englerodaphne Gilg (Thymelaeaceae: Thymelaeoideae)Olaniyan, O.D.; Van der Bank, M.; Boatwright, J.S.; Magee (SANBI), Anthony Richard; Manning (SANBI), John Charles
2020-01-23Four new species of Pteronia (Astereae, Asteraceae) from South AfricaBello, O.A.; Boatwright, J.S.; Van der Bank, M.; Magee (SANBI), Anthony Richard
2020-02Why the long finger? Observation of male–male combat in African bush squeaker frog, Arthroleptis stenodactylus (Anura: Arthroleptidae)Bittencourt-Silva, Gabriela B.; Langerman, David; Tolley (SANBI), Krystal A.
2019-07-01Caputia tomentosa. AsteraceaeWalker, C.C.; Smith, G.F.; Crouch (SANBI), N.R.; Condy, G.
2019-07-01Eucomis sonnetteana. HyacinthaceaeCrouch (SANBI), N.R.; Martínez-Azorín, M.; Lötter, M.C.; Burrows, J.E.; Condy, G.
2019-07-01Kalanchoe winteri. CrassulaceaeSmith, G.F.; Figuiredo, E.; Crouch (SANBI), N.R.; Condy, G.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1776