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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-01Impact of GM Crops on Farmland BiodiversityMasehela (SANBI), Tlou, S.; Maseko, Bruce; Barros, Eugenia
2020-05-15Securing forage resources for indigenous managed honey bees – thoughts from South AfricaMasehela (SANBI), Tlou; Poole (SANBI), Carol; Veldtman (SANBI), Ruan
2017Biodiversity Natural capital to be wisely usedScholes, Bob; Driver (SANBI), Amanda; Biggs, Reinette; Forsyth, Greg
2020-01-01Analysing the Risks Posed by Biological Invasions to South AfricaKumschick (SANBI), S; Foxcroft, L.C; Wilson (SANBI), J.R
2020-01-01Experience and lessons from alien and invasive animal control projects in South AfricaDavies, S.J; Jordaan, M; Karsten, M; Terblanche, J.S; Turner, A.A; van Wilgen, B.W; Veldtman (SANBI), R; Zengeya (SANBI), T.A; Measey, J
2020-01-01South Africa's pathways of introduction and dispersal and how they have changed over time.Faulkner (SANBI), K.T; Burness, A; Byrne, M; Kumschick (SANBI), S; Peters, K; Robertson, M.P; Saccaggi, D.L; Weyl, O.L.F; Williams, V.L
2020-01-01An evaluation of the impacts of alien species on biodiversity in South Africa using different assessment methodsZengeya (SANBI), T.A; Kumschick (SANBI), S; Weyl, O.L.F; van Wilgen, B.W
2020-01-01Potential futures of biological invasions in South AfricaWilson (SANBI), J.R; Measey, J; Richardson, D.M; van Wilgen, B.W; Zengeya (SANBI), T.A
2020-01-01The role of environmental factors in promoting and limiting biological invasions in South AfricaWilson (SANBI), J.R; Foxcroft, L.C; Geerts, S; Hoffman, T.M; MacFadyen, S; Measey, J; Mills, A; Richardson, D.M; Robertson, M.P; van Wilgen, B.W
2020-01-01Biological invasions in South Africa: An overview. Biological invasions in South Africavan Wilgen, B.W; Measey, J; Richardson, D.M; Wilson (SANBI), J.R; Zengeya (SANBI), T.A
2020-01-01The extent and effectiveness of alien plant control projects in South Africavan Wilgen, B.W; Wilson (SANBI), J.R; Wannenburgh, A; Foxcroft, L.C
2020-01-01Alien freshwater fauna in South AfricaWeyl, O.L.F; Ellender, B.R; Wassermann, R.J; Truter, M; Dalu, T; Zengeya, T.A; Smit, N.J
2020-01-01The biogeography of South African terrestrial plant invasions.Richardson, D.M; Foxcroft, L.C; Latombe, G; Le Maitre, D.C; Rouget, M; Wilson (SANBI), J.R
2020-01-01South Africa as a donor of naturalised and invasive plants to other parts of the worldPyšek, P; Pergl, J; van Kleunen, M; Dawson, W; Essl, F; Kreft, H; Weigelt, P; Wilson (SANBI), J.R; Winter, M; Richardson, D.M
2020-01-01Biological invasions in South Africa's urban ecosystems: Patterns, processes, impacts and managementPotgieter, L.J; Douwes, E; Gaertner, M; Measey, J; Paap (SANBI), T; Richardson, D.M
2020-01-01South Africa as a donor of alien animalsMeasey, J; Robinson, T.B; Kruger, N; Zengeya (SANBI), T.A; Hurley, B.P
2020-01-01Biotic Interactions as Mediators of Biological Invasions: Insights from South Africa.Le Roux, J.J; Clusella-Trullas, S; Mokotjomela (SANBI), T.M; Mairal, M; Richardson, D.M; Skein, S; Wilson (SANBI), J.R; Weyl, O.L.F; Geerts, S
2019RutaceaeVictor (SANBI), J.E.; Bester (SANBI), S.P.
2019EricaceaeBester (SANBI), S.P.
2019-07ApocynaceaeNicholas, Ashley; Glen, Melissa; Shuttleworth, Adam; Bester (SANBI), S.P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 136