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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-19Range expansion processes in high elevation paper daisiesNicola, Bergh; Verboom, Tony; Beckerling, Klara
2019-03-01The influence of local and landscape factors on arthropod predator diversity in the Sundays River Valley, Eastern Cape, South AfricaPryke, James S; Seymour (SANBI), Colleen L.; Gaigher, Rene; Galloway, Alistair Duncan
2013-11A genetic study of two inshore Dolphin species (Cephalorhynchus heavisidii and Tursiops aduncus) found along the coast of South AfricaKarczmarski, Leszek; Tolley, Krystal; Gopal, Keshni
2014-11-12Pollination and germination as limiting factors in the propagation of threatened cycads, Encephalartos (Zamiaceae)Donaldson, John; Najaradan, Jayanthi; Millennium, Kew; Weitz, Frans; Xaba, Phakamani M’Afrika
2013-12An investigation of the evolutionary diversification of a recent radiation of dwarf chameleons ( Bradypodion ) from KwaZulu-Natal Province, South AfricaTolley, Krystal A.; Knight, Andrew T.; da Silva, Jessica Marie
2017-03"Beeware" of the wasp: The role of language in studying and managing the European paper waspProzesky, Heidi E.; Hamer, Michelle; Simakani, Simnikiwe
2013-03Phylogenetic and morphological analysis of the Afroedura nivaria (Reptilia: Gekkonidae) species complex in South AfricaTolley, K.A.; Mouton, P.le F.N.; Makhubo, Buyisile G.
2013-10Patterns and processes of adaptation in lacertid lizards to environments in southern AfricaTolley, Krystal; Mouton, Le Fras; Edwards, Shelley
2011-09The role of cone volatiles and thermogenesis in the pollination of Encephalartos cycads with particular reference to E. villosusDonaldson, John S.; Johnson, Steven D.; Midgley, Jeremy J.; Suinyuy, Terence Nkwanwir
2012-02-13The Conservation Genetics of a Newly Recognised Cape Peninsula Endemic: Rose’s Mountain Toad (Capensibufo rosei)Tolley, Krystal; Measey, John; Ryan, Peter; Cressey, Emily R.
2012Migration and dispersal of the Western Leopard Toad (Amietophrynus pantherinus) in a fragmented agricultural landscapeMeasey, G. John; Bishop, Jacqueline M.; Doucette-Riise, Stephen
2014-12Historical Relationship of the Honeybee (Apis Mellifera) and its Forage; and the Current State of Beekeeping within South AfricaVeldtman, Ruan; Colville, Jonathan; Allsopp, Mike; Hutton-Squire, James Peter
2014-12Assessment of the invasive German wasp, Vespula germanica, in South AfricaVeldtman, Ruan; Addison, Pia; Prozesky, Heidi; Haupt, Karla
2014-06Understanding current and potential distribution of Australian acacia species in southern AfricaRobertson, M.P.; Rouget, M.; Wilson, J.R.U.; Motloung, Rethabile F.
2016-02Life History Traits of South Africa encephalartos spp. (zamiaceae) and their implications for understanding population structure, responses to threats and effective conservation actionDonaldson, John S.D.; Hoffman, Michael T.; Konings, Kim M.
2011-02Population ecology of the hadeda ibis on the edge of its expanding rangeUnderhill, Les; Altwegg, Res; Duckworth, Greg
2016-12An assessment of Melaleuca (Myrtaceae) as invasive species in South AfricaWilson, John R.; Richardson, David M.; Jacobs, Llewellyn E.O.
2015Invaded range and competitive ability of the newly invasive Polistes dominula compared to that of its native congener species in the Western Cape, South AfricaRoets, F.; Veldtman, R.; Samways, M.J.; Benadé, P.C.
2012-06Demographic and genetic variability in Cape Dwarf Chameleons, Bradypodion Pumilum, within a fragmented, urban habitat Western Cape, South AfricaTolley, K. A.; Bishop, J. M.; Altwegg, R.; Katz, Eric Michael
2016-09-27Characterising historical land cover change, and understanding trends in the Goukou catchment, Western Cape, South AfricaMidgley, G.F.; Nzonda, Gcobani
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 87