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Title: Putting plant resistance traits on the map: a test of the idea that plants are better defended at lower latitudes.
Authors: Moles, A T
Wallis, I R
Foley, W J
Warton, D I
Stegen, J C
Bisigato, A J
Cella-Pizarro, L
Clark, C J
Cohen, P S
Cornwell, W K
Edwards, W
Ejrnaes, R
Gonzales-Ojeda, T
Graae, B J
Hay, G
Lumbwe, F C
Magana-Rodriguez, B
Moore, B D
Peri, P L
Poulsen, J R
Veldtman, R
Von Zeipel, H
Andrew, N R
Boulter, S L
Borer, E T
Campon, F J
Coll, M
Farji-Brener, A G
De Gabriel, J
Jurado, E
Kyhn, L A
Low, B
Mulder, C P H
Reardon-Smith, K
Rodriguez-Velazquez, J
Seabloom, E W
Vesk, P A
Van Cauter, A
Waldram, M S
Zheng, Z
Blendinger, P G
Enquist, B J
Facelli, J M
Knight, T
Majer, J D
Martinez-Ramos, M
Mcquillan, P
Prior, L D
Keywords: plant
global patterns
leaf toughness
plant traits
plant-animal interactions
Issue Date: 2011
Appears in Collections:Journal Articles (peer reviewed)

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