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Title: Green Plants in the Red: A Baseline Global Assessment for the IUCN Sampled Red List Index for Plants
Authors: Brummitt, N.A
Bachman, S.P
Griffiths-Lee, J
Lutz, M
Moat, J.F
Farjon, A
Donaldson (SANBI), J S
Hilton-Taylor, C
Meagher, T.R
Albuquerque, S
Aletrari, E
Andrews, A.K
Atchison, G
Baloch, E
Barlozzini, B
Brunazzi, A
Carretero, J
Celesti, M
Chadburn, H
Cianfoni, E
Cockel, C
Coldwell, V
Concetti, B
Contu, S
Crook, V
Dyson, P
Gardiner, L
Ghanim, N
Greene, H
Groom, A
Harker, R
Hopkins, D
Khela, S
Lakeman-Fraser, P
Lindon, H
Lockwood, H
Loftus, C
Lombrici, D
Lopez-Poveda, L
Lyon, J
Malcolm-Tompkins, P
McGregor, K
Moreno, L
Murray, L
Nazar, K
Power, E
Tuijtelaars, M.Q
Salter, R
Segrott, R
Thacker, H
Thomas, L.J
Tingvoll, S
Watkinson, G
Wojtaszekova, K
Nic Lughadha, E.M
Keywords: Plants
IUCN Red List
Global assessment
Issue Date: Sep-2015
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