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Title: Grassland-Woodland change map of South Africa (1990-2013) summarised by quinary catchments
Authors: Skowno (SANBI), Andrew
Keywords: savanna
land cover change
woodland expansion
South Africa
Issue Date: 5-Apr-2017
Description: Remote Sensing based map of transitions between grassland and woodland in South Africa's grassy biomes between 1990 and 2013. The map is based on national land cover data produced by GEOTERRA IMAGE (Pty) Ltd, resampled and reclassified and adjusted using ALOS PALSAR2 HV gamma 0 data (synthetic aperture radar data) circa 2010. Woodland was defined as having >20% tree canopy cover and grassland as having <20 % tree canopy cover. The map therefore captures gross change in canopy cover (transitions between these two classes) and does not show shrub encroachment or increases in canopy cover within the classes (i.e. canopy cover change from 30% to 50% reflects as stable woodland). The underlying raster data has four classes: stable grassland, stable woodland, grassland to woodland change, woodland to grassland change, and excludes all non natural areas and all non savanna/grassland biomes. This underlying data set is summarised by Quinary Catchment (following Maherry et al., 2015).
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WGchangeSkowno_perQuinary_DDWGS84.zipESRI polygon shapefile showing percentage of each quinary catchment that has seen grassland replaced by woodland in period 1990-201321.27 MB.zipView/Open

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