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Title: Geometagenomics illuminates the impact of agriculture on the distribution and prevalence of plant viruses at the ecosystem scale
Authors: Bernado, Pauline
Charles-Dominique (SANBI), Tristan
Barakat, Mohamed
Ortet, Philippe
Fernandez, Emmanuel
Filloux, Denis
Hartnady, Penelope
Rebelo (SANBI), Tony A.
Cousins (SANBI), Stephen R.
Mesleard, Francois
Cohez, Damien
Yavercovski, Nicole
Varsani, Arvind
Harkin, Gordon W.
Peterschmitt, Michel
Malmstrom, Carolyn M.
Martin, Darren P.
Roumagnac, Philippe
Issue Date: 20-Oct-2017
Appears in Collections:Journal Articles (peer reviewed)

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