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Title: Socio-economic impact classification of alien taxa (SEICAT)
Authors: Bacher, Sven
Blackburn, T.M.Tim M.
Essl, Franz
Genovesi, Piero
Heikkilä, Jaakko
Jeschke, Jonathan M.
Jones, Glyn
Keller, Reuben
Kenis, Marc
Kueffer, Christoph
Martinou, Angeliki F.
Nentwig, Wolfgang
Pergl, Jan
Pyšek, Petr
Rabitsch, Wolfgang
Richardson, David M.
Roy, Helen E.
Saul, Wolf-Christian
Scalera, Riccardo
Vilà, Montserrat
Wilson (SANBI), John R.U.
Kumschick (SANBI), Sabrina
Keywords: alien species
human well-being
capability approach
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2018
ISSN: 2041-210X
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