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Title: Biodiversity assessments: origin matters.
Authors: Anibal, Pauchard
Meyerson, Laura A.
Bacher, Sven
Blackburn, Tim M.
Brundu, Giuseppe
Cadotte, Marc W.
Courchamp, Franck
Essl, Franz
Genovesi, Piero
Haider, Sylvia
Holmes, Nick D.
Hulme, Philip E.
Jeschke, Jonathan M.
Lockwood, Julie L.
Novoa (SANBI), Ana
Nuñez, Martin A.
Peltzer, Duane A.
Pyšek, Petr
Richardson, David M.
Simberloff, Daniel
Smith, Kevin
van Wilgen, Brian W.
Vilà, Montserrat
Wilson (SANBI), John R. U.
Winter, Marten
Zenni, Rafael D.
Keywords: Biodiversity assessments
Issue Date: 13-Nov-2018
ISSN: 1545-7885
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