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Title: Exploring approaches for constructing Species Accounts in the context of the SEEA-EEA.
Authors: King, Steven
Brown, Claire
Harfoot, Mike
Wilson, Lucy
Bolt, Katie
Brummitt, Neil
Butchart, Stuart
Emmett, Bridget
Chow, Julian
Driver (SANBI), Amanda
Eigenraam, Mark
Ferrier, Simon
Garnåsjordet, Per Arild
Grantham, Hedley
Hein, Lars
Ivanov, Emil
Juhn, Daniel
Mace, Georgina
Kaggwa, Ronald
Larsen, Trond
Ogwal, Francis
Petersen, Jan-Erik
Keywords: Species accounts
Issue Date: 2016
ISBN: 978-92-807-3582-6
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