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Title: The integration of the South African vegetation map with adjacent environments: changes and lessons learned
Authors: Dayaram (SANBI), Anisha
Keywords: Vegetation
Issue Date: 21-Jun-2018
Series/Report no.: Biodiversity Planning Forum;
Abstract: Under the National Biodiversity Assessment 2018 the latest update of the National Vegetation Map (VEGMAP) was developed in conjunction with the freshwater, coastal and estuarine maps and classification systems in a co-ordinated effort to resolve gaps and overlaps. A review of the terrestrial vegetation types revealed potential non-terrestrial and nonlandscape scale types. These types were moved to the appropriate realm, or relevant boundary adjustments were made to match other realms. Thirteen vegetation types were mapping wetland ecosystems and were downgraded to communities within the vegetation types. The coastal vegetation types included four broadly mapped seashore types and needed further differentiation that was remapped and classified by coastal experts. Areas affected directly by coastal processes were removed from VEGMAP and coastal vegetation types were added as subtypes to the terrestrial map. Estuarine features were also mapped more accurately by realm specialists and the boundaries of these features were updated in VEGMAP. We also refined the delineation of forests in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo Provinces and undertook a collaborative integration of existing subtropical thicket mapping and classification. All technical changes were reviewed by regional and realm experts before final implementation and a clear data management process was followed to ensure that versioning was maintained.
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