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Title: Feedback loops between the VEGMAP and provincial and fine-scale biodiversity plans
Authors: Dayaram (SANBI), Anisha
Skowno (SANBI), Andrew
Powrie (SANBI), Leslie
Keywords: Vegetation Mapping
Issue Date: 21-Jun-2017
Series/Report no.: Biodiversity Planning Forum;
Abstract: The relationship between the National Vegetation Map (VEGMAP) and national, provincial and fine-scale biodiversity plans has been highlighted as important. However, while we often emphasise the importance of the VEGMAP as foundational information in these biodiversity plans, less often do we explicitly indicate the importance of these plans in influencing the VEGMAP. The VEGMAP has gone through several iterative changes and the sources of these changes have varied. Many of the changes in KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Mpumalanga were drawn from provincial and fine-scale biodiversity plans. We discuss which of these plans have been included over time, how much of each plan was incorporated into the map, and how much of the map has in turn influenced the next version of the biodiversity plan. However, several biodiversity plans have valuable information that was not included in the map for various reasons. We explore some of these reasons and how these blind spots can be avoided in future biodiversity plans to allow for greater integration with the VEGMAP. This discussion will help highlight the importance of alignment with the classification and mapping system of the VEGMAP when undertaking provincial and fine-scale planning work.
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