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Title: National Vegetation Map of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland: Building the map for 2017
Authors: Dayaram (SANBI), Anisha
Skowno (SANBI), Andrew
Powrie (SANBI), Les
Keywords: Vegetation
South Africa
Issue Date: 25-Jun-2015
Publisher: SANBI
Series/Report no.: Biodiversity Planning Forum;
Abstract: The Vegetation Map team at SANBI would like to facilitate an open discussion with stakeholders that interact with the Vegetation Map in order to table potential issues and collate opinions and ideas which may further improve the quality and usability of the product. This will also serve to strengthen the quality of the Vegetation Map as an input into the National Biodiversity Assessment 2017/2018. Points raised during this open session will be tabled and discussed at the upcoming National Vegetation Map committee meeting in September/October 2015. Introductions will be followed by a brief presentation outlining the purpose of the Vegetation Map of South Africa; the current process of submitting proposed changes to the map; the latest update (2012); and the current structure of the National Vegetation Map Committee. The broad themes for the open discussion session will then be presented. The themes include: • The next version of VegMap (2016/2017); • The Vegetation Map and land cover change; • The subject of wetlands and forests within the Vegetation Map; • The process for submitting proposed changes; • The National Vegetation Map Committee. Themes will evolve as the discussion progresses. Anticipated outcomes • Receive feedback on the current state of the Vegetation Map itself (e.g. identifying gaps) and appropriate ideas for future updates. • Receive feedback about the current procedure for submitting changes to the Vegetation Map and use this feedback to improve the submission process. • Include points raised by stakeholders in the agenda of the next National Vegetation Map Committee meeting in October 2015. • Compile a candidate list for additional members to the current National Vegetation Map Committee. • Continue and enhance collaboration within the Vegetation Map community.
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