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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-05Field Guide to the Offshore Marine Invertebrates of South AfricaAtkinson, Lara; Sink (SANBI), Kerry
2018-06-20First impressions of benthic biodiversity patterns of the Cape Canyon and its surrounding areasFilander, Zoleka; Lamont, Tarron; van den Berg, Marcel; Snyders, Laurenne; Lombi, Mfundo; Tutt, Gavin; Cawthra, Hayley; Kirkman, Stephen; Atkinson, Lara; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Lombard, Amanda
2019-02Identification of potential Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems for integrated ocean use planning to improve fisheries and ocean managementFranken, Mari-Lise; Sink, Kerry; Atkinson, Lara; Currie, Jock
2018-06-20Identification of Potential Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems for integrated ocean use planning to improve fisheries and ocean managementFranken (SANBI), Mari-Lise; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Atkinson, Lara; Currie (SANBI), Jock
2018-05Phylum: CnidariaSink, Kerry (SANBI); Gibbons, Mark; Laird, Megan; Atkinson, Lara
2018-07-21Reconstructing the past: design and function of Granton otter trawl gear at the turn of the twentieth century, as used in South Africa’s first trawl surveys (1897–1904)Currie (SANBI), Jock; Sink (SANBI), Kerry; Attwood, Colin; Atkinson, Lara; Engelhard, Georg
2019-09-29South African National Biodiversity Assessment 2018 Technical Report Volume 4: Marine Realm. South African National Biodiversity InstituteSink (SANBI), Kerry, J; Van der Bank (SANBI), Megan; Majiedt (SANBI), Prideel; Harris, Linda; Atkinson, Lara; Kirkman, Stephen; Karenyi, Natasha
2016-06-09Spatial patterns and characterization of benthic epifaunal biodiversity in Algoa BayRaven, Hannah; von der Meden, Charles; Lombard, Amanda; Atkinson, Lara
2011Systematic planning to identify focus areas for offshore biodiversity protection in South AfricaSink, Kerry; Attwood, Colin; Lombard, Mandy; Grantham, Hedley; Leslie, Robin; Samaai, Toufiek; Kerwath, Sven; Majiedt, Prideel; Fairweather, Tracey; Hutchings, Larry; van der Lingen, Carl; Atkinson, Lara; Wilkinson, Sarah; Holness, Stephen; Wolf, Trevor