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Title: Manual of Afrotropical Diptera Volume 2
Authors: Amorim, Dalton de Souza
Andersen, Trond
Ashe, Patrick
Barraclough, David A.
Blagoderov, Vladimir
Borkent, Art
Brooks, Scott E.
Chainey, John E.
Coetzee, Maureen
Courtney, Gregory W.
Cumming, Jeffrey M.
Daugeron, Christophe
de Jong, Herman
de Moor, Ferdinand
Dikow, Torsen
Dorchin, Netta
Ekrem, Torbjørn
Evenhuis, Neal L.
Fachin, Diego Aguilar
Fasbender, Andrew
Gaimari, Stephen D.
Grichanov, Igor Ya.
Haenni, Jean-Paul
Hancock, Geoffrey E.
Harris, Keith M.
Hauser, Martin
Holsten, Kevin C.
Jaschhof, Mathias
Kerr, Peter H.
Kirk-Spriggs, Ashley H.
Kvifte, Gunnar M.
Lamas, Carlos J.E.
Londt, Jason G.H.
Madriz, Isaí R.
Menzel, Frank
Muller, Burgert S.
Ševčík, Jan
Sinclair, Bradley J.
Skartveit, John
Smith, Jane E.
Søli, Geir
Stur, Elisabeth
Swart, Vaughn R.
Wagner, Rϋdiger
Winterton, Shaun L.
Woodley, Norman E.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: South African National Biodiversity Institute
ISBN: 978-1-928224-12-9
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